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Anaesthetics, Pre-operative services & Intensive Care Unit


Operating Suite

Anaesthesia nurses provide a service for patients admitted for elective or emergency procedures requiring general, regional and/or local anaesthesia. Anaesthesia nursing is noted for its expertise in specialty fields, ie. Liver transplants, cardiac, vascular, paediatrics, thoracic, neurology, and orthopaedics, to name just a few, all requiring specialty anaesthesia skills, knowledge and equipment. Approximately 14,000 patients each year is provided with this service. Anaesthesia Nurses are a proactive and valuable part of our 14 room Operating Suite. We promote a quality culture where patient service holds highest priority. This is achieved through our positive team environment, recognised post-graduate peri anaesthesia course, supernumerary clinical support nurses, and ongoing commitment to staff education and development. We also boast high nursing standards, safe practice and environment, efficient rosters and effective communication systems.

Operating Room Services provides a surgical service to Elective, Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA), Day and Emergency patients at the Austin Hospital and Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. Types of surgery performed include General, Orthopaedic, Urology, ENT, Vascular, Neurosurgery, Thoracic, Cardiac and Liver Transplantation.

The Operating Suites consists of:

  •     10 Rooms at the Austin Hospital
  •     4 Rooms at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital

Both areas are supported by Recovery Room, Sterilising and Sterile Stock Stores facilities. Approximately 13,500 procedures are performed each year, including anaesthesia procedures such as ERCP, ECT, and DCR. Opportunity for professional development exists in the area of Peri-Operative, Anaesthesia and Recovery Room Skills.

Added Incentives include Professional Study and Conference Leave, Salary Packaging, In-Service Training, Opportunity for Advancement.

Located at the Austin Hospital - Level Two - Harold Stokes Block and Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital - Centaur Building - Second Floor.

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Recovery Room

Recovery Room provides post anaesthesia care to patients who may have undergone one of the many surgical procedures we provide. These include ENT, plastics, ophthalmic, thoracic, cardiac, vascular, orthopaedics, neurological, transplants and many more. At present the combined Recovery Rooms of the Austin and Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital’s have facilities to accommodate up to 20 postoperative patients simultaneously including 2 high dependency patients, who can be catered for overnight if necessary.

Acute Pain Service (APS)

The acute pain service is provided by the Department of Anaesthesia and is responsible for coordinating the management of acute pain in-patients requiring specialised analgesic techniques.

  • Providing a prompt and reliable 24-hour service
  • Provide support to staff caring for patients with pain management modalities. ie. epidurals, patient controlled analgesia
  • Educate medical, and nursing staff, allied health professionals and patients on matters relating to acute pain management
  • Establish protocols for various pain management modalities

Endoscopy Unit

The nursing staff of the Endoscopy Unit is committed to the implementation, maintenance and review of professional standards of care. We have a professional working environment that focuses on close collaboration between nursing, medical, paramedical and ancillary staff. We have an extensive four-week orientation programme, and some supernumerary time for clinical orientation.

Located at the Austin Hospital - Heidelberg House - Third Floor and at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital - Centaur Building - Second Floor.

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Day Care Unit

The Day Care Unit provides a day procedure service to medical, surgical and diagnostic units at Austin Health. We also cater for admissions of Day of Surgery Patients. The Unit is designed to accommodate 20 patients both morning and afternoon. DCU is a dynamic unit focussed on continued quality improvement with a strong commitment to high quality patient care employing enthusiastic & skilled staff.

Located at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital - Centaur building - Second Floor.

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Day Surgery Centre

The Day Surgery Centre is an extension of the main operating theatre. We service approximately 4,000 DOSA (Day Of Surgery Admission) and 3,000 Day patients per year. The unit has a lounge area, 3 acute and 6 pre & post-operative bays. We provide peri-operative care and “day” postoperative care. Our continuum of care service to our “day” patient's assist in a smooth recovery process.

Located at the Austin Hospital - Level 2 - Harold Stokes Block.

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Intensive Care unit

The Austin Health Intensive Care Unit is a level 3 tertiary referral centre containing 24 beds equipped with the latest technology in critical care practice. Bed areas are spacious and soaked in natural light from the numerous windows surrounding the Unit. Security systems, educational and general staff facilities combine to encompass the clinical area, providing a welcoming, therapeutic environment for patients and staff.

The Unit is well known for the variety of patient conditions and requisite technologies including liver failure and transplant, spinal cord injury, neuro, cardiac, and general surgery, plus acute medical conditions. A medical emergency team made up of a critical care nurse and doctor attends approximately 800 emergency calls within the organisation per year.

The Post Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing, in conjunction with RMIT University has been developed using a quality framework over the past ten years resulting in an excellent reputation as a course to prepare nurses to work with highly complex patients. Three clinical educators and a thorough in-service program support all ICU staff. Many research projects are undertaken both within the Unit and as part of multi-centre studies.

Staff employed in ICU have the option to participate in a flexible rostering system.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level Two.

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