Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Aged & Residential Care - Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital

Ward 11 & Ward 12 (Geriatric Evaluation and Management)

We are two 28 bed, slow stream rehabilitation and GEM (Geriatric Evaluation and Management) Wards. Our aim is to assess and recondition those older members of our community so they can attain their optimal level of functioning, and provide support to their meaningful others. We work in a close team environment with all disciplines of allied health.

Located in the Flanders Wing - Second Floor.

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Community Rehabilitation Centre

We provide a rehabilitation program to people recovering from an acute episode (eg hip replacement or stroke). We also provide rehabilitation to those people who require therapy input to increase their mobility or independence at home and in the community. The multi disciplinary team will focus on the patient’s individual needs, taking into consideration cultural and social needs. Professional interpreters are used for non-English speaking people.