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Manager, Victorian Poisons Information Centre

Jeff Robinson B. Pharm., F.S.H.P., Grad. Dip. Hosp. Pharm.

Medical Director, Victorian Poisons Information Centre

Dr Shaun Greene MBChB, MSc (Medical Toxicology), F.A.C.E.M.


Staff answering calls

When you ring the Victorian Poisons Information Centre you will speak directly with a specialist in poisons information.

Janet Browning B. Pharm., Dip. Hosp. Pharm.

Mark Colbridge B. Sc (Hons)

Dr Dawson MacLeod B. Pharm., Grad. Dip. Biotech., Grad. Cert. Clin. Tox., Ph.D

Hamish McCracken B. Pharm., Grad. Dip. Psych.

Christine McKenzie B. Pharm., Grad. Cert. E-Health Comm., Grad Cert. Clin. Tox.

Alice Norvill B. Sc., B. Pharm (Hons)., M.P.S.

Jeff Robinson B. Pharm., F.S.H.P., Grad. Dip. Hosp. Pharm.

VPIC staff enjoy a close working relationship with all members of the Austin Hospital Clinical Toxicology Service. In complicated and/or severe poisoning cases, they have ready access to the toxicology registrar and the Austin's on-call toxicology consultants. A range of external consultants (clinical pharmacologists, mycologists, botanists and toxinologists) are also available to provide specialist advice if needed.