Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Perioperative nursing

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The Perioperative Nursing Department provides professional, comprehensive, skilled nursing care to patients admitted for elective or emergency surgery.

Surgical specialties undertaken at the Austin Hospital include:

  •      Cardiac
  •      Neurosurgery
  •      Thoracic
  •      Vascular
  •      Orthopaedic
  •      Spinal
  •      Plastics
  •      Maxillo-facial
  •      Paediatric
  •      Urological
  •      Ophthalmic
  •      Ear, nose and throat
  •      General
  •      Gynaecological
  •      Gastroenterology
  •      Hepato-biliary
  •      Liver and kidney transplantation.

The Perioperative Nursing Department promotes a culture of ‘best practice’ and striving for excellence by its ongoing commitment to further education and inservicing of its staff.

Austin Health has initiated several innovative quality assurance programs to promote patient and staff safety.


Perioperative nursing is an exciting and skilled role, and is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice at Austin Health.  If you are interested in a career in perioperative nursing, please contact the Nursing Co-ordinator below or visit Austin Health's Careers on-line.