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Anaesthesia Nursing

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The Anaesthesia Nursing Department provides a comprehensive and professional service for patients admitted for elective or emergency procedures requiring general, regional and/or local anaesthesia. The department operates at two Austin Health sites  - the Austin Hospital and the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital.

The department provides remote services to other departments including radiology, PET/MRI, CT, ERCP, catheter lab, and ECT. Anaesthesia nurses also provide care for patients at the Royal Children's Hospital Operating Suite as part of the Victorian Liver Transplant Team.

Every day skillful anaesthesia nurses care for patients requiring critical airway management, regional anaesthesia (including spinal/epidural), invasive therapeutic and monitoring procedures. Approximately 14,000 patients are provided with this service each year.

The Anaesthesia Nursing Department promotes a culture that aims to deliver quality patient care. Our staff are encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities. Recognition of the importance of collegial respect, effective communication, efficient rosters, current nursing procedures, safe practice and environment all contribute to make our department an enjoyable place to work.

Nurse Unit Manager

Nurse Unit Manager          
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