Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Post Anaesthesia Recovery Unit


A vital part of the new Surgery & Endoscopy Centre, the Post Anaesthesia Recovery Unit (PARU) has 23 patient care bays, a three-bed holding bay area and an isolation room.

PARU is where all patients who have undergone general anaesthesia go to recover.  Patients are stabilised, administered analgesia and prepared for either discharge home via the Surgery & Endoscopy Centre or admitted to one of the post operative wards in the Austin Hospital Tower.

PARU also has a two-bed High Dependency Unit known as Recovery High Dependency (RHD). This area provides patients requiring short term, high intensity monitoring and critical care intervention post procedure. It continues the unit’s close links with the Intensive Care Unit.

Patient Services Assistant (PSA) activities for the operating rooms, ICU and former hospital duty PSAs are coordinated by the PSA supervisor from a PSA service desk located at the front of the PARU staff base.