Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Surgery & Endoscopy Centre


The new Surgery & Endoscopy Centre at the Austin Hospital is a friendly, caring surgical unit that caters for patients having 'same day' surgery as well as patients having surgical procedures requiring them to stay between one and three days.

23-hour beds are also available for patients undergoing afternoon operations to allow them to stay overnight.

The unit is currently open Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Our surgical service includes:

  •      Endoscopy
  •      ENT
  •      General surgery
  •      Gynaecology
  •      Ophthalmology
  •      Orthopaedics
  •      Pain service
  •      Plastics
  •      Psychiatric services
  •      Radiology
  •      Rheumatology
  •      Renal
  •      Urology
  •      Vascular.

Our goal is to ensure that all patients receive the best possible care throughout their surgical experience.

Skilled medical and nursing staff work as a team to carefully assess each patient for home readiness following their procedure with the support of the patient’s family or nominated carers.

What to bring

When your surgery date is finalised, you will receive information in the mail explaining the date and time of your admission.

This will include eating, drinking requirements, specific medication instructions and what paperwork and clothing to bring.

What to leave at home

Please leave all valuables and jewellery at home.

Important patient information

Following any surgery involving anaesthesia or sedation, you MUST be accompanied home and remain with a responsible adult carer for 24 hours. Please ensure your carer is organised before you come for admission.

The time of your admission is generally well before your actual procedure. This allows clerical, nursing and medical staff to see you prior to your surgery.

The usual length of stay for day surgery is between four and eight hours.

Patients staying overnight can expect to be discharge at approximately 8am the following morning after review by nursing and/or medical staff.

How to find us

The Surgery & Endoscopy Centre is located on Level 2 of the Lance Townsend Building at the Austin Hospital

Take the Austin Hospital Tower car park (opposite the Heidelberg train station) lift to Level 2, cross the walkway and follow the corridor around to the left to the Surgery & Endoscopy Centre.

A 15-minute 'drop-off' area is available on the Austin Hospital Tower forecourt off Studley Road.

All day parking is available in the Austin Hospital Tower carpark via Studley Road.

Link to location maps

Contact us

If you have any questions about your procedure, you can contact the liaison nurse of the surgical unit responsible for your procedure, for example, the ophthalmology liaison nurse can assist with eye procedure queries.

All liaison nurses can be contacted via the Austin Health switchboard on 03 9496 5000.

If you would like to know more about the Surgery and Endoscopy Centre, please contact us directly on 03 9496 5037.