Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Operating Room Services

About us

Operating Room Services provides elective and emergency services to Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs and country Victoria.

In June 2007, services at the Austin and Heidelberg Repatriation hospitals amalgamated to provide a service on the Austin Hospital that includes a new Surgery & Endoscopy Centre.

Surgical procedures performed each year number approximately 18,000 and include:

  •      Cardiac
  •      Neurosurgery
  •      Orthopaedics
  •      Paediatrics
  •      Plastics
  •      General Surgery
  •      Thoracics
  •      Urology
  •      Vascular
  •      Gynaecology
         Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
  •      Ophthalmic
  •      Gastroenterology
  •      Liver and Kidney Transplants
  •      ECT.

The operating suite comprises 12 operating theatres, two procedure rooms and two endoscopy rooms.  A 365 day-a-year emergency service and an elective service between Monday and Friday are provided.

Day and Day of Surgery Admittance (DOSA) patients are admitted through the Surgery & Endoscopy Centre, where they are prepared for surgery.