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Archiving of Research Records

Archiving of Research Records

Archiving of Research Records at Austin Health

Austin Health requires that all research records are retained and archived as specified in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (Part A, Section 2.1) .  

In general, for clinical trials (adult studies), data should be retained for a minimum of 15 years after the completion of the research study.

There is a fee that will be incurred to store these records and this fee is payable by the department that has responsibility for the records. 

Austin Health has implemented an all-encompassing one off fee for all new research projects to cover all costs associated with the retention of records for 15 years.


If your research:

Has a potential major or long term impact on the environment, heritage, society, the economy or human health;

  • Has major national or international significance;
  • Is controversial, of high public interest or the subject of widespread debate in the public arena;
  • Uses innovative and/or experimental research techniques for the first time; or
  • Is required by legislation or research project agreements to be retained permanently

Do NOT proceed with Archiving.

Please contact the Office for Research, immediately for advice,  as these records may be required to be kept permanently and will require different management.

Please contact the Office for Research for the full fee structure and the Archiving Request Form.