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For patients

If you are obese (have a Body Mass Index over 30), seek treatment from your GP as a first step.

If your treatment is complicated - for example, you have a condition such as diabetes as well - then your GP may refer you to Austin Health's Weight Control Clinic. If you are being treated by your GP but are not getting any better, this is another reason why your GP may refer you to the Clinic.

The Weight Control Clinic is one of Australia's leading obesity services and attracts referrals from around Victoria and interstate. Please be aware that waiting times can be long.

For GPs

Austin Health's Weight Control Clinic treats complex cases of obesity, or cases that do not respond to treatment in the primary care environment.

See the Weight Control Clinic referral guidelines and make a referral.

Shared care

To improve access to the Weight Control Clinic, Austin Health is exploring options for establishing a shared care agreement with local GPs. Patients would come to the Weight Control Clinic for some appointments, and visit their local GP for others.

Patients of GPs who enter into a shared care agreement enjoy the benefits of seeing their own GP, who is familiar, knows their medical history, and usually practices close to their home.

Obesity workshops for GPs

Austin Health will be holding evening and weekend workshops on obesity management for GPs interested in entering a shared care agreement with Austin Health, or improving your understanding of the management of obesity. Workshops will be catered and count towards CME.

If you are interested in attending and would like to receive more information, please contact:

Lynda Smyth
Manager, Endocrine Centre of Excellence