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Current Appeal Winter 2017

Seconds matter, as Sue and her mum found out.

What does Austin Health's Emergency Department mean to you?

To Sue Lippingwell, the Emergency Department means life.

One of the busiest in Victoria, Austin Emergency helps 82,000 patients and their families each year.

Anastasia had a nasty fall, breaking her shoulder blade and 5 ribs, some of them in 3 places. Admitted to Austin Health Emergency Department, Anastastia was assigned to a patient space with a special bedside patient monitor so that any sudden change in her condition would set off an alarm for nurses to check her immediately.

You can make a difference to people like Sue and Anastasia.

We need your help today to purchase 6 special bedside patient monitors. These monitors provide instant patient observations - like heart and breathing rate, blood pressure and level of oxygen, and they can make a real difference when multiple patients and priorities demand attention.

Seconds matter when you are seriously ill, as Sue and Anastasia found out.

The seriousness of her injuries resulted in Anastasia going into cardiac arrest. Almost instantly, the nurse at the desk saw this on the bedside patient monitor.

For a grateful Sue, the situation was immediately clear. "Without this quick action, treatment and support Mum would have died. She wouldn't have made it."

Please help us purchase 6 special bedside patient monitors.

To meet increasing demand, a new Emergency Department Short Stay Unit has been built at Austin Health. When it is expanded to full capacity in July, we will be able to treat more patients than ever before.

Seconds matter. If you can help us buy these monitors, at a cost of $15,427 each, you will be helping make a real difference.


"I see first hand the benefits of having the latest technologies so we can continue to deliver the best possible care to patients." Dr Thomas Chan, Director of Emergency, Austin Health.

Your help and support will make a difference in the Austin Health Emergency Department. Dr Thomas Chan and his team will be very grateful for your action.