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A Guide for Young Women About Sexual Assault
This booklet has been designed in collaboration with a group of young women to provide information about defining sexual assault, consent, keeping safe, medical and legal options as well as counselling and other support resources.


Inside Out, Outside In - Wounding While Healing
This book is an outcome from the journey undertaken by a group of young women who self harm.  The book explores some of the meanings behind self-harm and some of the alternative strategies to self-harm that these young women have created.


Reconnecting with young people after sexual assault: A guide for parents & carers
This booklet provides support and information for those caring for young people who have experienced sexual assault.


Moving On…A Journey Shared
2004 saw a group of women working in an open art space at the Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault. The images and words in this book offer a unique insight into their journey. As we look at the images and read the words that accompany them, we share the role of witnessing their truths.


Multilingual Leaflet
Also available in ten community languages, outlines services and contact details for Northern CASA.


Why Can’t I Forget
Outlines some of the ways sexual assault can impact upon a child into their adult years, and provides useful information about choosing a counsellor.


Why Can’t She Forget
A companion to the previous pamphlet, this is written specifically for partners of women sexually assaulted in childhood.  It provides information about common issues experienced and ways to support their partners.


Hands Off Young Men
Was created in consultation with a group of adolescent young men and attempts to answer some of the common questions young men have about sexual assault.  It also contains contact information useful for young men.


The Know Card
This pocket-sized card contains contact numbers and information about services provided by Northern CASA.  It also outlines young people’s rights in relation to sexual assault.

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