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Nursing Education


The Neurosurgery unit has a philosophy of staff education, support / development and quality patient care. We boast supportive, experienced staff and an affiliated post-graduate neuroscience nursing course with a dedicated course coordinator and a unit based clinical support and resource nurse that ensures abundant opportunities for professional and clinical development.

Austin Health offers a postgraduate course in Neuroscience Nursing in conjunction with RMIT University. The Graduate Certificate (theory component) can be completed in 12 months and can be converted to a Graduate Diploma with an additional 12 months of study. Participants are also able to enrol into internal subjects run by nursing education. These can then be recognised as single subjects accredited by the university.

Graduate Certificate/Diploma of Nursing - Neuroscience

Clinical program

The 12 month clinical program is aimed at consolidating theory and clinical practice and is coordinated by the Neuroscience Clinical Service Unit.

A variety of specialty clinical areas are available including Neurosurgery (attached High Dependency Unit), Neurology, Acute Spinal, Spinal Rehabilitation, and Acquired Brain Injury.

Placements are generally a minimum of 3 months but are negotiated with each individual. Course participants are encouraged to tailor their clinical placements and enrol in a range of subjects to suit their specific areas of interest.

Participants also have access to:

  • Paid study days held at Austin Health
  • Clinical assessments 
  • Supernumerary days to experience related areas of the course - ICU, theatre, community based settings, district nursing, MICA ambulance, Royal Children's
  • Hospital, etc
  • Preceptor ship in each specialty area 
  • A range of educational opportunities
  • Supportive staff
  • Dedicated Clinical Support Nurse in Neurosurgery.
  • Paid employment during the course with excellent reemployment opportunities

The philosophy of the course is structured around adult based learning principles and is focussed on developing staff as clinicians and leaders of the nursing profession. Course participants are encouraged to be creative and flexible in their approach to the Neuroscience specialty and to challenge ideas and processes.

For any additional information, please contact:

Belinda Ford
Neuroscience Course Coordinator
Phone: 03 9496 4749
Page: 2180


Neuroscience short course

A two day short course is offered on a yearly basis through the Clinical Nursing Education Department.

For further information on this please contact Teresa Fosso on 03 9496 3311 in Clinical Nursing Education or refer to the Clinical Nursing Education website.

Masters of Clinical Nursing

  • Exit point at Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing (Neuroscience)
  • Two online subjects (ACU), one per semester:
    Foundations of Specialty Practice 1
    Foundations of Specialty Practice 2
  • Two subjects at Austin Health, one per semester
    Concepts of Neurosurgery (Includes Rhythm Recognition & Intermediate Life Support)
  • Neurology Uncovered (includes patient assessment)


Further Information

For any additional information, please contact:

Belinda Ford
Neuroscience Course Coordinator
Phone: 03 9496 4749
Page: 2180

*Applications now open - must be employed in Neuroscience area