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Mental Health

Clinical Services

The Mental Health Clinical Service Unit delivers optimum care in a multidisciplinary manner with supported decision-making in both community and inpatient environments.

Austin Health Mental Health Clinical Service Unit (MHCSU) provides mental health services to support recovery-oriented care in a multidisciplinary and collaborative manner.

MHCSU is comprised of the following Service Directorates:

  • Acute specialties include eating disorders, parent-infant mental health and adult psychiatry. Community services offer mobile support and crisis assessment, along with supportive and continuing care with recovery-oriented programs.

  • Services include state-wide child and adolescent inpatient services, community outpatient teams, mobile outreach services, family and group therapy, and collaboration with local schools.

  • Acute inpatient care is offered to veterans and individuals with post-trauma mental health conditions. Community services are delivered by the Veteran & Serving Members Unit and Post Trauma Victoria outpatient services including group therapy, sleep disorders, human relations, and rehabilitation.

  • A state-wide service providing assessment and neuropsychiatric rehabilitation services to Victorians. Inpatient services specialise in physical-cognitive and psychiatric-behavioural disabilities. Community services include community reintegration, brain disorders assessment & treatment, neurobehaviour clinic and acquired brain injury behaviour consultancy.

  • General Hospital Mental Health provides psychiatry services for consumers and staff in the hospital setting, including a consultation/liaison service, drug dependence clinic, clinical health psychology and psychiatric outpatient clinics, and a constant patient observer program.