Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Liver Transplant Assessment

Once a patient with liver disease is deemed unwell enough to require a liver transplant they will undergo the liver transplant assessment process.  During this time a variety of tests and consultations are performed.  The assessment aims to establish a patient’s suitability for liver transplantation. This includes tests of physical health (such as heart and lung function), psychological wellbeing and social supports. All these factors are taken into account in determining whether liver transplantation is a patient’s best option. During the assessment period, patients and their families receive education about liver transplantation including the risks and responsibilities. This helps patients to make an informed decision about accepting transplantation as an option.

If the patient and medical team agree that transplantation is the right choice of treatment, the patient will be “Activated” or put on the waiting list for transplantation.