New Library system – how it will affect you

The Library has a new system. The way you access Library resources remotely and how you manage your loans has changed.

New barcode details

When entering your Library barcode you need to replace the C with CB03 and include the D at the end.

For example: if you currently enter your Library barcode as 0470315 you now need to enter CB030470315D. Visit the Library to have your card updated.


New password required

From 22 May 2017 you need to replace your PIN with a new password. You can do this by clicking this link: Set/reset password

Please note: your username is your full barcode (eg. with the CB03 and D)


To continue using BrowZine please follow the steps above to set a new password.
The next time you use BrowZine you will be prompted to enter your new details.

Loans and renewals

The way you search for resources, place holds and renew your loans will look different.

View and renew your loans here

Please contact the Library if you have any questions about this process.
9496 5393