Nurse and baby in the Paediatrics ward

You can help patients say goodbye with dignity and care

Palliative Care is different to other wards. It's about the depth of care and feeling between staff, patients and families. It's about supporting people who are at the end of their life." Hal, musician and palliative care patient

It's not easy to talk about death and families saying goodbye to their loved ones.

Hall Tropp and Senior Music Therapist John Hedigan

But it's important we do talk about it, because our Palliative Care team, which cares for people with life limiting illness, is in need of new equipment to assist staff to be able to provide the very best, compassionate care for patients and their families.

Ward 8 South (Palliative Care) is a special place.  It is a place where staff devote their energy and care to patients and their families in a time of significant change and sadness.  It is a place where patients with life limiting illness find care, compassion and a dignified end-of-life journey.

But we want to do better, and with your help we can.

Madison, Carmel, Shanna and Obsa work tirelessly to care for their patients.

There are many pieces of equipment that can help patients maintain their dignity and give physical comfort and assistance. Equipment needed in Palliative Care now:

5 x Air Mattresses to help prevent pressure injuries which usually occur over bony spots like hips. COST $44,000 ($8,000 each)

6 x Falls Safety Mats to help avoid injuries from falling out of bed.  COST $810 ($135 each)

2 x Commode Chairs mobile padded chairs to help weak patients get to the shower and toilet.  COST $1,904 ($952 each)

5 x Recliners for patients and families to use together in the Relaxation Room.  COST $10,000 ($2,000 each)

1 x Video Camera to be mounted in the Relaxation Room for patients and families to Skype friends and family overseas or interstate.  COST $1,000

1 X DVD Player and Apple TV for patients and their families to watch movies together in the Relaxation Room.

Definition of a complaint

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction relating to any aspect of care provided by Austin Health.

This can be lodged directly by the patient or, with the patient’s consent, can be made on behalf of the patient by any interested person such as a relative, carer or general practitioner.