Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Travel & Tropical Medicine

Austin Travel and Tropical Medicine Clinic

The Austin Health Travel and Tropical Medicine clinic is an outpatient service that provides expert travel health advice for travellers including:

  • Vaccination for immunocompromised patients (including haematology/oncology patients, post-transplant patients, and patients on biological immunomodulatory agents)
  • Travellers with special needs, including pregnant women, travellers with chronic health problems, and elderly travellers
  • Travellers with complex travel itineraries
  • Long-term travellers (including expatriates)      
  • Families seeking to travel abroad

Travellers will be provided with up-to-date, practical, customised advice for minimising risks of acquiring travel-related infections, including:

  • malaria
  • dengue fever
  • typhoid fever
  • travel-related diarrhoea
  • and other outbreak-related infections such as MERS-CoV

The clinic is also an accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centre.

Austin Health’s Travel and Tropical Medicine clinic is run by Dr Doug Johnson and operates in Clinic 1, Outpatients Department, Level 3, Austin Hospital on Thursday afternoons from 2-5pm.


GeoSentinel Surveillance Network

GeoSentinel is an international surveillance network that monitors the global spread of exotic infectious diseases among travellers, immigrants and expatriates. The program was established jointly by the International Society for Travel Medicine and CDC in Atlanta. It has conducted numerous landmark research projects in travel and tropical medicine that have resulted in important epidemiologic information, as well as the development of international guidelines and publications through both the CDC in Atlanta and the WHO.

The Victorian Infectious Diseases Service at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Austin Hospital are the only sites in Australia involved with this international program. The program was established at the Austin by A/Prof Joe Torresi as co-director of GeoSentinel, Melbourne, Australia.