Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Changes to parking outside Harold Stokes Building

Due to the ED construction works, some changes will occur to parking in the Harold Stokes Building forecourt. We are committed to supporting you through these changes and we welcome your feedback.

Frequently asked questions

During the building works there won't be as many ambulance bays out the front of the ED. Non-emergency ambulances will need to drop off and pick up patients using the parking area on level 4 of the Harold Stokes Building forecourt.

People currently using the level 4 car park outside the Harold Stokes Building will now be asked to park in the Austin Tower car park.

Please be assured that there are plenty of car parking spaces reserved for disabled drivers in the Austin Tower including dedicated car spaces for people who use wheelchairs.

Will there be any parking costs?

Yes. Any patients and staff who use the Austin Tower car park need to pay for parking. Concession parking is available for any patients or family members who qualify for this support.

How do I access the concession parking?

Please visit the Centre for Patient Experience, Level 1 Austin Tower near the visitor lifts for
daily concession parking passes.

How is this charge fair and equitable?

Austin Hospital needs to charge for car parking to cover the cost of building, managing and maintaining our car park facilities including payment of a substantial loan for the recent Martin St car park expansion. Government funding is not available to finance hospital car parks.

It is very important that the public parking fee system is fair and equitable to all car park users. Anyone who uses parking facilities at Austin Health is required to pay the public parking fees including our staff. We offer concession parking rates for people who qualify for this support. We believe most people who currently use the car park on level 4 outside the Harold Stokes Building will qualify for these rates.

We have more than enough parking and plenty of disabled spaces available in our Austin Tower car park to meet people's needs. This includes patients and visitors who use wheelchairs.

As a person who uses a wheelchair, how can you guarantee me access to a disabled car park space in the Austin Tower?

Any person who uses a wheelchair who needs access to car parking in the Austin Tower can call our Metro Car Parking Office to ensure that a dedicated disabled parking space is reserved for you next to the Metro Office.

We ask you to ring the car parking office between 6am and 10pm the day before your visit.

When you arrive at the car park, please alert staff by pressing the intercom button or tooting your horn. Metro staff will then raise the boom gate for you and open your reserved space.

Metro Car Parking Office
Ph 9496 4512

What do I do if I encounter any practical issues to do with parking?

Metro Office staff will render all assistance neccessary depending on the requirements of each person. e.g. paying for parking

When will these changes take effect?

The level 4 car park outside the Harold Stokes Building will be closed to the general public from Monday 20th April 2015.

Is this a permanent change?

This is likely to be a permanent change. Most patients arriving at Austin Hospital in non-emergency ambulances have appointments in the Outpatients Department. We therefore expect that this new parking arrangement will better suit the needs of non-emergency ambulance vehicles. It will also ensure that parking outside ED is prioritised for emergency vehicles. This will reduce the likelihood of overcrowding of vehicles outside the Emergency Department.

How do we plan to tell you about this change?

New signage will be in place from mid-March 2015 to tell you about the change.

How can I give you feedback about these changes?

We are committed to working with you during this time of change.

You can make a suggestion through the Austin Health internet page at www.austin.org.au/suggestion-box/

You can fill in a My Say form. These forms are available in the level 4 entrance to the Harold Stokes Building; outside the Centre for Patient Experience located on level 1 of the Austin Tower and also in all wards and outpatient areas.

You can also contact the Centre for Patient Experience
Ph 9496 3566
Email: PatientExperienceOffice@austin.org.au

We thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to supporting you through this change.