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Emergency Department Construction Works

Construction works for a 24-bed Short Stay Unit in the Austin Hospital Emergency Department are commencing in April 2015. This page will provide up-to-date information for patients and visitors highlighting key milestones as the project progresses.

What is happening?
We are building a new 24-bed Short Stay Unit (SSU) in the Austin Hospital Emergency Department (ED).

What is a Short Stay Unit?
A Short Stay Unit (SSU) is an area in the ED where patients go when they need assessment and observation without necessarily needing admission to hospital. Sometimes patients may stay for more than 24hrs and can then go home.  There will also be four beds to care for patients who have complex mental health needs.

Why is this happening?
The Austin Hospital has one of Victoria's busiest Emergency Departments. The expansion of the Short Stay Unit will increase ED's capacity to accommodate a substantial growth in treatment demand. It will also provide the ED with more flexible working spaces which allow us to deliver contemporary, best practice models of care.

When is this happening?
We expect construction to commence in April 2015.

When will the construction be completed?
The construction is due to be completed in July 2016.

Where will the building be constructed?
The new Short Stay Unit will be constructed on columns over the existing Emergency Department arrival podium along the Burgundy Street frontage.

Is there any change to public parking?
Not at the moment. From about August 2015 to March 2016 public parking on the Emergency Department arrival podium will be limited.  We will provide updated information closer to the time about changes to parking.

Can I expect the same level of care?
You can expect the same level of care 24 hours a day.

The design of the new Emergency Department entry on Burgundy Street in Heidelberg to be completed in July 2016.