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Prospective nurses

Emergency Department Education Team

The Austin Health Emergency Department Education Team consists of the following:

  •     2 Clinical support nurse educators
  •     1 Emergency nurse educator
  •     2 Course coordinators.


Clinical Support Nurse Educators

There are two Clinical Support Nurse Educators in the ED, Yasmin Ellis & Kurston Mackenzie.  Both are highly trained critical care emergency nurses with more than 20 years emergency experience between them.

The role of the Clinical Support Nurse Educators is to work within the ED education team to support all junior & new members of staff. This includes providing clinical support to graduate nurses, Grade 2 nurses, critical care course students and new staff members requiring clinical support and guidance.

Working with the medical staff, the Clinical Support Nurse Educators also assist in scenario training for the junior registrars, medical students and junior nurses.


Emergency Nurse Educator

The Emergency Nurse Educator promotes the professional development and ongoing education of all nursing staff with particular attention to senior nursing staff and new staff members.

The senior nursing staff include Assistant Nurse Unit Managers (ANUM), Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and Post Graduate Critical Care Nurses.

The following programs outline what Austin Health's Emergency Department offers its nurses:

  1. Inservices: One to two educational and clinical inservices each week.
  2. Scenario Training Room: Fully equipped room with simulation doll used weekly for ongoing training, teamwork and peer learning. Nurses also participate in medical scenario training sessions.
  3. Preceptor Program: New staff members are preceptored by a senior nurse. They follow a clinical skills and professional development plan which is monitored by their preceptor.
  4. CNS projects: Each CNS is encouraged and guided to pursue a project of interest within the Emergency Department. There is a CNS group that meets monthly to discuss their projects and ideas with the Nurse Educator.
  5. Senior emergency nurses study day: Senior nurses attend a study day, which includes reaccreditation of their Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Paediatric Life Support and advanced skills workshops.
  6. Staff Development Plan: each senior nurse has a Staff Development Plan. This is a form that our nurses use to set their professional goals. The Clinical Educator uses this information to guide each nurse with their goals.
  7. Ongoing education: all nurse are encouraged to attend courses offered within Austin Health and seminars of interest externally.

Other programs offered by the Emergency Nurse Educator, Clinical Support Nurse Educators and Course Coordinators include:

  1. Advanced Cardiac Life Support accreditation courses: Three per year of three days duration for Grade 2 year 2 + nurses at Austin Health.
  2. Emergency Nursing Short Course: October each year. A three-day course for registered nurses at Austin Health and external applicants.

For enquiries of interest to the Nurse Educator, Alison Beanland, please email:



The Course Coordinators

Lynne Keith and Carolyn Cochrane are responsible for students completing their Postgraduate Certificate in Emergency Nursing.

Each year 15 participants complete their critical care qualification within the Emergency Department. These students complete rotations through ICU, CCU and the CAT team. The students complete ACLS and PALS assessments and are supported through the differing areas of the department.

Applications for these popular positions are accepted from August each year. Additionally, multiple postgraduate students from other programs rotate through the ED.

For applications and enquiries email:

carolyn.cochrane@austin.org.au or lynne.keith@austin.org.au