Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Emergency Care Coordination Team

The aim of the Emergency Care Coordination Team (ECCT) is to provide comprehensive assessments of patients and care co-ordination within the Emergency Department in order to facilitate discharge planning.  This includes the allocation of hospital and community resources and the timely and efficient provision of services to meet patients’ needs.  All full time allied health and nursing members of the team provide generic assessments for discharge planning however, each team member can provide discipline specific assessment and intervention.

To ensure safe and effective discharge back home and minimise risks of representations to the Emergency Department the ECCT use a number of hospital and community services (i.e. Community-Link, ACAS, Post Acute Care, the Community Rehabilitation Centre, the Older Veterans Program etc.).  They can also arrange rehabilitation, convalescent or respite care as needed.

Where patients are admitted to the wards due to their medical condition, the role of ECCT is to commence the discharge planning process and liaise with relevant inpatient medical, nursing and allied health staff.

The ECCT work closely with patients who are 70 years or older, younger patients with disability and age related conditions and patients with complex psychosocial issues.