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Dr Catherine Hill

Research Profile

Dr Catherine Hill is the senior respiratory physiotherapist and coordinator of the pulmonary rehabililitation program at Austin Health. She also holds the position of cardiorespiratory team leader in the Physiotherapy Department.

Catherine completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy through LaTrobe University in 1991 and her PhD through the University of Melbourne in 2005, which involved the development of an outcome measure of functional activity for patients with COPD.  She is a research fellow for the Institute for Breathing and Sleep Disorders and a current member of the Non Drug Trial Human Research & Ethics Committee at Austin Health.

She is an author of the pulmonary rehabilitation online toolkit http://www.pulmonaryrehab.com.au/  and Victorian representative on the steering committee of the National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network. She has expertise in pulmonary rehabilitation and exercise training for patients with chronic respiratory disease as well as acute physiotherapy management for patients with respiratory diseases.

Key Research Interests

COPD, pulmonary rehabilitation, interstitial lung disease, telerehabilitation

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