Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


For health professionals


The Australian National Diabetes Collaborative, of which Austin Health is a participant, has implemented an evidence-based care project in order to reduce the risk of heart disease in those with type 2 diabetes.

The aim of the project was to survey participating health professional staff about diabetes guidelines.

Click the link below to view the study's details, including method and results.

Inpatients diabetes education

Due to the high demand on diabetes education services, and to ensure that people with the greatest needs are seen, the following inpatient referrals will be prioritised:

  • Newly diagnosed Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes
  • Insulin commencement
  • Admission for unstable blood glucose levels
  • Changes to potentially hypoglycaemic inducing medications
  • Commencement of blood glucose monitoring
  • Poor injection or blood glucose monitoring technique
  • Patient requesting education


Outpatient diabetes education

The Diabetes Education Team is committed to providing services to outpatients. However, due to demand on diabetes education services priority will be given to existing patients of Austin Health.

Referrals for outpatient Diabetes Education will be accepted from:

  • Austin Health outpatient clinics
  • Austin Health wards for post discharge follow up

Referrals can be sent to:

Diabetes Education Office
Level 3 Harold Stokes Building
Austin Hospital
145 Studley Road
Australia, 3084

Fax: 03 9496 3189

Further information is available by phoning the Diabetes Education Office on 03 9496 5578.