Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient



Referral process

The department provides both inpatient and outpatient services.  The clinical caseload is predominantly adult with a very restricted service available to paediatrics (epilepsy only).

Referrals to the department can be made by the following means:

·     Contacting the central office on 03 9496 2795

·     Paging individual unit neuropsychologists (see staff section)

·     Completing a written referral form (M17.0) and faxing to the department on 03 9496 2219

The majority of clinicians work on a part-time basis and clinical service provision is restricted to selected sessional times.

It is important that referrals reach the department in a timely fashion, particularly when the neuropsychological opinion is relevant to treatment/discharge planning.  Where an inpatient assessment is not possible, arrangements will be made (where relevant), for an outpatient appointment.


Reasons to refer

Clinical neuropsychologists study changes in thinking and behaviour that might arise from any form of known or suspected brain dysfunction.  As such, neuropsychologist may assist with a range of issues including:

The determination of the presence/nature of brain dysfunction

  • Assist with primary and differential diagnosis
  • Monitor progress or recovery
  • Assist with treatment, discharge, or rehabilitation planning
  • Assist with the determination of capacity/competency
  • Education/counselling