Horizon Scanning Resources

Health Policy Advisory Committee on Technology (HealthPACT)
HealthPACT was established to provide advance notice of significant new and emerging technologies to health departments in Australia and New Zealand, and to exchange information and evaluate the potential impact of emerging technologies on their respective health systems

National Horizon Scanning Centre (UK)
Horizon scanning activity includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment, diagnostic tests and procedures, therapeutic interventions, rehabilitation and therapy, and public health activities

SigmaScan (UK)
This is a searchable repository for horizon scanning papers

EuroScan International Network is a collaborative network of member agencies for the exchange of information on important emerging new drugs, devices, procedures, programmes, and settings in health care

AHRQ Healthcare Horizon Scanning System (US)
The Healthcare Horizon Scanning System provides AHRQ a systematic process to identify and monitor target technologies and innovations in health care

Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre (UK)
Monthly reports are intended to inform interested parties about new products, significant changes to product licenses, significant new guidance, and decisions that have been made by recognised bodies

New Media Consortium Horizon Reports
The NMC charts the landscape of emerging technologies for teaching, learning, research, creative inquiry, and information management