Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient



Medical & health psychology

The Medical and Health Psychology team offers brief psychological assessment and treatment to adult medical inpatients at Austin Health and liaises closely with General Hospital Psychiatry. Patients and relatives experiencing psychological difficulties directly related to their current hospitalisation or due to other reasons can be seen. Treatment specialties include cognitive-behavioural specialized treatments and pain management. Many patients benefit from continuity of care and may be offered 6 additional sessions from our outpatient clinic. Staff education and consultations are provided where required. With the development of the D. Psych (Health) programs, registrars on placement are also be involved in health promotion and systematic interventions in the health care system. Rehabilitation psychology operates from the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, including the Spinal Unit.

Specialised Outpatient/Community Clinic (Cognitive-Behavioural Centre)

Specialty areas include anxiety disorders and depression, liaison with general practitioners and the Infant Clinic.

Clinics available:

  • Infant Clinic - specialises in postnatal depression and maternal mood, parent-infant difficulties, adjustment and preparing for parenthood in pregnancy.
  • Prematurity Clinic - specialises in assisting parents adjustment to the many issues associated with a premature birth, including optimising infant emotional and physical responsiveness.
  • Health Psychology - specialises in the relationship between psychological and medical issues, as well as health promotion.

The Psychology Clinic Private also provides services for:

  • Traffic Accident Commission
  • Victims of Crime
  • Work Cover
  • Department of Veteran Affairs

Time limited treatment is provided without charge to discharged hospital patients. A low fee for service subsidizes other clinic activities. Crisis referrals and long-term support cannot be accommodated. This service meets an existing gap in services for people experiencing emotional difficulties without a serious psychiatric disorder but who are experiencing personal difficulties and want to learn to manage their lives more effectively.

Staff counselling

A small staff counselling service linked with Staff Clinic is available for individual or group work on the Austin and Repatriation Campuses.

Professional Management of Mental Health Clinical Service Unit Psychologists

A number of psychiatric services within the Mental Health Clinical Service Unit have a significant psychology staff.

Supervision, professional development and support regarding staffing needs or initiatives are provided to psychologists across the range of hospital and community psychiatry programs in the Mental Health Clinical Service Unit (MHCSU).

These programs include:

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Community Psychiatry
  • Veterans Psychiatry
  • Adult Psychiatry and Brain Disorders

Integrated services are provided by the Infant Clinic with the Banksia House Mother-Baby Unit and mother-baby initiative.

These programs offer a comprehensive service with teams of psychologists playing a key role in mental health.