A nurse checks on a patient in the cancer ward


Medical Oncology

About us

The Medical Oncology Unit at the Austin Hospital works in collaboartion with the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, which is a global organisation dedicated to the fight against cancer. The Unit provides a comprehensive range of services to care for patients with cancer and to look after the needs of their families. By bringing together one of Australia’s best clinical facilities with a highly productive cancer research institutes we have created a unique unit which provides patient care and performs cancer research within the one comprehensive integrated facility.

Our special interest is in the development of new approaches to fight cancer. This includes therapies which harness the power of the immune system. Cancer vaccines which boost immunity against targets which are present on cancer cells as well as monoclonal antibodies which have the potential to seek and destroy cancer are tested in clinical trials which we perform.

Many of our clinical trials are performed under the auspices of the Cancer Vaccine Collaborative. The CVC is an international collaborative effort which involves scientists and physicians from around the world who have joined together under the auspices of the international Cancer Research Institute.