Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Clinical Haematology


The Department of Clinical Haematology provides a broad range of care to patients with malignant haematological disorders, including cancers of the blood, bone marrow or lymph nodes such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. It also cares for patients with non-malignant blood disorders, such as anaemia, thrombosis or blood clots as well as bleeding.

The team consists of eight consultants; full-time or part-time, four clinical haematology registrars as well as three laboratory registrars; two nurse counsellors whose job is to assist patients in dealing with their illness; one focuses on myeloma and myelodysplasia and the other on lymphoma and CLL, one autologous transplant co-ordinator with an additional focus on survivorship, an allogeneic transplant co-ordinator, a data manager and seven staff working in clinical trials.


In 2016, the department was expanded and restructured due to the increased demand and complexity of work.

The resultant structure of the department is as follows; noting that all of the following consultants participate in general haematology ward service and outpatient clinics.

Professor Andrew Grigg - Director

Roles: administration, general haematology and allogeneic transplant, specific interest in lymphoma and trial responsibility for CLL and myeloproliferative disease, including CML. 

Dr Simon He - Head of Transplantation

Dr Andrew Lim - Head of the Myeloma

Dr Chun Fong - Head of Acute Leukaemia and Myelodysplasia

Dr Daniela Zantomio - Head of Apheresis

Dr Wai Khoon Ho - Head of Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Dr Eliza Hawkes - Head of Lymphoma

Additional part-time consultants include:

Professor Tony Schwarer - Clinical Haematologist specialising in allograft responsibilities

Dr Paul Turner - Clinical Haematologist

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For all general enquiries, please contact:


Peter Shuttleworth - Clinical Nurse Consultant

P: 9496 5236

E: peter.shuttleworth@austin.org.au


Tania Cushion - Clinical Nurse Consultant - Lymphoma

P: 9496 9735

E: tania.cushion@austin.org.au


Priscilla Gates - Clinical Nurse Consultant - Autograft & Survivorship

P: 9496 9735

E: priscilla.gates@austin.org.au


Natalie Villani - Department Administrator & PA to Director, Professor Andrew Grigg

P: 03 9496 5093

E: natalie.villani@austin.org.au