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Mental Health

Consumers & Carers

Austin Health Mental Health Service staff work to support consumer engagement and carer involvement for better care during participation with our mental health services.
Who is a consumer?

A consumer is a person who:

- is currently receiving or has participated in mental health services from a mental health service provider

- may also be referred to as ‘patients’ or ‘clients’

- received an assessment by an authorised psychiatrist

- is seeking mental health services from an authorised mental health service provider.

Who is a carer?

A carer is a person including those under 18 years who:

- provides care to another person with whom he or she is in a care relationship (but does not include a parent if person to whom care is provided is less than 16 years of age)

- provides ongoing support, assistance or personal care to another person.

A wide range of support services are available to our consumers and carers ranging from patient advocacy and rights to respite and education.

Various links can be found on our Consumers and Families, Friends & Carers webpages to help keep our consumers and carers informed. Mental health fact sheets have also been developed by the Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria for clear, reliable information for consumers and carers.

Consumer & Carer Support

Our family and carer consultant provides support to carers while bringing a family and carer perspective to our mental health services.

Family/Carer Consultant
Phone: 03 9496 6315

The Austin Health Mental Health service welcomes any feedback, suggestions, compliments or complaints. Our Mental Health liaison officer can also be contacted with the following details.

Mental Health Liaison Officer
Phone: 03 9496 6461