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Mental Health

About Us

Our vision is to provide an effective, safe, supportive and responsible mental health service in partnership with consumers, carers and the wider community.

Austin Health's Mental Health services are guided by the mental health principles outlined in the Mental Health Act 2014.

We believe in consumer-centred care delivered with respect and integrity. We are accountable for our mental health services with supportive safeguards to protect the rights and dignity of people living with mental illness.

Our Commitment to Austin Health's Values


We conduct ourselves with honesty and sincerity in communication and collaboration with our staff, consumers and carers.


We are transparent and responsible for providing a safe, collaborative and supportive environment to deliver the best consumer outcomes and care.


We facilitate supported decision making with our consumers and acknowledge and respect a person’s capacity to make nformed decisions.


Our clinicians strive for excellence in mental health recovery and care with outstanding treatment, professionalism and expertise and improved treatment outcomes.

Mental Health Services

Our Mental Health Service provides a comprehensive range of child, adolescent and adult psychiatry services to the areas of north east metropolitan Melbourne. Services are available in both inpatient and community settings.

The Mental Health Service also provides a number of inter-regional and state-wide specialist services including a comprehensive state-wide Veterans' Psychiatry Program, Brain Disorders Program and a Statewide Child Inpatient Unit.