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Mental Health

Psychological Trauma Recovery Service

Specialised services are provided to past and current-serving Australia Defence Force personnel as well as persons with trauma-related mental health conditions.

Once known as the Veterans Psychiatry Unit, the Psychological Trauma Recovery Service (PTRS) has acquired an extensive breadth of knowledge, experience and skills over more than sixty years in combination with a comprehensive and clinically-targeted service underpinned by the best available evidence.

Treatment comprises individual psychiatry and psychology with the incorporation of group treatment programs where appropriate.

PTRS community services have an emphasis on multidisciplinary care and recover-oriented care for consumers. PTRS inpatient unit provides specialised services and care in an inpatient setting.

The main two streams of PTRS are:

Veterans and Serving Members Unit

Post Trauma Victoria


  • Mental health treatment for veterans and current-serving members of the Australian Defence Force in addition to providing support to the partners, widows, and other eligible family members.

  • A service providing treatment to individuals experiencing post-traumatic mental health conditions.

  • Specialist services delivered in an inpatient setting for consumers with symptoms and impairments associated with trauma-related mental health conditions.