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The Community Recovery Program (CRP) is committed to supporting people to recover from the disability and disadvantage associated with long-term mental health illness.
We do this in five key ways:

The provision of long term care and support

Working to assist consumers to achieve independence and a subsequent return to the community through involvement in a wide range of therapeutic activities for a two-year period, or longer if indicated.

Working in partnership with families and carers to provide comprehensive support in strengthening and
re-establishing meaningful relationships.

Individual recovery-focused rehabilitation

Rehabilitation reflects principles of recovery such as a focus on strengths, self-determination and a culture of hope and empowerment. Rehabilitation is goal directed and person-centred.

A focus on social inclusion and community participation

Supporting consumer participation in the immediate CRP community with meaningful connection to the broader community through involvement in educational, vocational and recreational activities that will contribute to an increase in choices available to the consumer.

The development of collaborative partnerships to build links with the community

Actively work to integrate and co-ordinate additional external specialist services to achieve a high level of functioning and independence.

Provision of support to consumers to engage in social networks and communities of their choosing.


Empower consumers to have a voice and advocate on their behalf

Support and acknowledge a consumer's right to live within their identity, values and beliefs