Community Recovery Program

The Community Recovery Program (CRP) provides accommodation and psycho-social rehabilitation for up to 22 people with a long-term psychiatric disability.

The CRP provides a range of programs to help people recover from the disability and social disadvantage resulting from a psychiatric illness and to enhance their ability to live successfully in the community.

These programs are planned in consultation with consumers and carers and include:

Individual 1-1 sessions on self care, budgeting, cooking, meal planning and household chores;
Education about illness, medication and symptom management and recognition of signs of relapse;
Recreational and fitness activities, community networking and access to job opportunities in the community;
Self selected goal centred activities; and
Involvement in CRP community meetings and activity planning.

The CRP is housed in modern, self-contained units on the Waterdale Road side of the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital.

The CRP works in partnership with Austin Health's clinical services and MIND Australia. It is one of the programs within our North East Area Mental Health Service (or NEAMHS).

The CRP promotes an environment where the principles of recovery are embedded in every day care.