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Assisted dying

In Victoria, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 (VAD Act) will become operational on 19 June 2019. "The VAD Act allows adults with decision-making capacity resident in Victoria to seek assistance to die". This paper provides an overview of the Act and discusses the complex challenges associated with clinical implementation.

Source: Medical Journal of Australia 2019; 210 (5): 207-209.e1


Falls & delirium – the overlap

This systematic review presents the overlap between falls and delirium in hospitalised adults aged 65 years and older. Authors conclude that falls and delirium are inextricably linked and there is a need to "further refine fall risk assessment tools and protocols to specifically include delirium for consideration as a risk factor that needs additional assessment and management".

Source: Clinics in Geriatric Medicine, Online first 2019


Pressure ulcers – medical devices

"Medical device-related pressure injuries are among key indicators of patient safety and nursing quality in healthcare facilities". This review found that cervical collars, respiratory devices, tubing devices, splints and intravenous catheters were all associated with risk of developing pressure injuries. The authors recommend future research areas and suggest prevention strategies.

Source: International Journal of Nursing Studies 2019; 92: 109-120


Induction for late term pregnancies

When is the optimum time to induce labour in women with uncomplicated late term pregnancies? Researchers compared induction of labour at 41 weeks with expectant management until 42 weeks. Results show induction at 41 weeks resulted in fewer adverse perinatal outcomes though absolute risk of severe outcome was low in both groups.

Source: BMJ 2019; 364: 1344

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Further reading from this issue
Optimising the management of late term pregnancies  

To induce or not to induce pregnant women at 41 weeks


Medicines optimisation assessment tool

Researchers in the UK have developed a prediction tool - the MOAT (Medicines Optimisation Assessment Tool) - to identify patients at increased risk of moderate or severe preventable medication related problems. Results indicate the tool may have value in guiding clinical decision-making.

Source: BMJ Quality & Safety 2019; online first: 7 March


Genetic research - Australia’s First Nations people

Australia's First Nations people are disproportionally represented in particular diseases. "For example, women in Arnhem Land suffer from vulval cancer at much higher rates than the general population, and the prevalence of Machado Joseph Disease is estimated to be 100 times greater in affected Aboriginal communities of the Top End than anywhere else in the world". This paper discusses the importance of genetic health projects, initiated and led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, that partner Western science with Indigenous knowledge.

Source: Global Health, Epidemiology and Genomics 2019; online first: 11 March


New online resources

Cancer in Australia 2019 - AIHW
"Even though cancer survival rates have increased and cancer mortality rates continue to drop, cancer accounts for around 3 of every 10 deaths in Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people in lower socioeconomic groups both have lower cancer survival rates than other Australians".

Access to mental health services
"Nearly half (45%) of Victorians will experience mental illness in their lifetime. Annually, one in five Victorians, or 1.2 million, suffer from a mental illness".

Australian Asthma Handbook - new edition
Evidence-based practical advice for health professionals, published by the National Asthma Council Australia. Major updates in this edition include managing asthma in children, acute asthma and primary prevention. The handbook is presented as a fully searchable website, with downloadable chapters.

PubMed Labs
An updated version of PubMed, which will eventually replace the current version, is now available on the experimental PubMed Labs platform. The site offers enhanced search results, a responsive design and updated technology for scalability and reliability.


Austin Health Research Online - recent submissions

Development of acute decompensated heart failure among hospital inpatients: incidence, causes and outcomes
Plant LD, Taylor DMcD, Worland T, et al. Heart, Lung & Circulation 2019; 28(3): 406-413

Real-world efficacy and toxicity of combined nivolumab and ipilimumab in patients with metastatic melanoma
Parakh S, Randhawa M, Nguyen B, et al. Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology 2019; 15(1): 26-30

Sleep for heart health: investigating the relationship between work day sleep, days off sleep, and cardiovascular risk in Australian train drivers
Chapman J, Naweed A, Wilson CJ, et al. Industrial Health 2019; online first: 5 March

High-grade B-cell lymphoma relapse presenting as neurolymphomatosis of the median nerve
Tai R, Maingard J, Nambiar M, et al. BMJ Case Reports 2019: 12(3): e228742

MicroRNA from a 12-h versus 20-h acetylcysteine infusion for paracetamol overdose
Wong A, Nejad C, Gantier M, et al. Human & Experimental Toxicology 2019: 960327119833740
Full text available for Austin & MHW Heidelberg staff via document delivery

See more at AHRO, Austin Health Research Online


eBooks Spotlight

Interpersonal relationships / Elizabeth Arnold and Kathleen Underman Boggs, 8th ed., 2020
Aimed at nurses and nursing students, this is a comprehensive guide to patient-centred communication skills, covering a wide range of situations and communication issues. Includes chapters on conflict resolution, interprofessional communication, and communicating with people of different cultures, ages and gender.

A companion to specialist surgical practice (series)
This popular series aims to support advanced surgical training and professional development with up to date evidence-based information on surgical specialisations. New editions available for the following titles: 

New books on display

Dark emu / Bruce Pascoe, 2018
Drawing on archaeological evidence, the accounts of early settlers, and Indigenous knowledge, Dark Emu sets out the case for reconsidering our understanding of how Aboriginal people lived before colonisation. Disputing the colonial myth of Aboriginal people as hunter-gatherers, Pascoe provides evidence of their sophisticated and sustainable agricultural practices.

Mental health care / Catherine Hungerford et al, 3rd ed., 2018
An introduction to the mental health field, aimed at general health practitioners and students. The book explains various mental health disorders, ethical and legal issues, culturally appropriate mental health care, and the current state of mental health service delivery in Australia. 


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