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Pre-transplant malignancy - post-transplant outcomes

"Solid organ transplant recipients (SOTR) with a pre-transplant malignancy (PTM) are at increased risk for cancer recurrence. However, it is unclear whether differences in survival and incidence of post-transplant de novo malignancies exist between recipients with PTM and those without PTM". Authors designed a systematic review to synthesize all available evidence assessing these outcomes.

Source: Transplantation 2017; 101(3): 471-481


Drug delivery & nanobiotechnology

"Transdermal nanotechnology offers a novel method of achieving enhanced dermal penetration with an extended delivery profile for analgesic drugs, due to their small size and relatively large surface area...size of nanoparticles enables drug delivery to previously inaccessible body sites. To ensure safety, the interaction of nanoparticles with the human body requires further investigation on an individual drug basis, since different formulations have unique properties and side effects".

Source: Drugs 2017; online first: 3 May


Protein intakes & reduced length of stay

Maintaining adequate nutritional intake following gastrointestinal surgery is an essential component to ensure reduced length of stay. This Canadian study examined protein intake and adequacy between patients receiving ERAS protocols (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) and those receiving standard care. The ERAS group had higher protein intake (due to the inclusion of oral nutrition supplements), shorter length of stay and fewer infectious complications.

Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2017; online first: 3 May


Pre-eclampsia prediction model

Early-onset pre-eclampsia (before 34 weeks gestation) is associated with serious complications for the mother and baby. A recent study has developed two models, PREP-L and PREP-S, to predict which mothers are at risk of developing complications. The models have been validated in the UK, Canada and the Netherlands. Authors suggest the PREP-S model can be used to: ascertain the optimal centre for delivery; aid identification of mothers who require prophylactic corticosteroids; and provide individualised prognostic estimates for the baby.

Source: Health Technology Assessment 2017; 21(18)


Acute spinal cord compression

Acute compression of the spinal cord can be caused by trauma, tumour, epidural abscess or epidural haematoma. This review addresses both the clinical features of acute spinal cord compression and the disorders which account for most instances of compression. The authors note that treatments required for spinal cord compression differ markedly from those used for common intrinsic spinal cord disease.

Source: NEJM 2017; 376: 1358-1369


Did you know?

Question Builder is a web-based tool that enables people to build a list of questions to ask at a medical appointment. Designed to be used with GPs and specialists it encourages patient participation in the appointment and promotes shared decision making. This tool has been modified for the Australian environment by Healthdirect Australia and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.
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Austin Health Research Online - recent submissions

Genetic variation in Kruppel like factor 15 is associated with left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with type 2 diabetes: discovery and replication cohorts
Patel SK, Wai B, Lang CC, et al. EBioMedicine 2017; 18: 171-178

Measurement of physical activity levels in the Intensive Care Unit and functional outcomes: an observational study
Beach LJ, Fetterplace K, Edbrooke L, et al. Journal of Critical Care 2017; 40: 189-196

A case study evaluating deep inspiration breath-hold and intensity-modulated radiotherapy to minimise long-term toxicity in a young patient with bulky mediastinal Hodgkin lymphoma
Tomaszewski, JM, Crook S, Wan K, et al. Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences 2017; 64(1): 69-75

Constructing longitudinal disease progression curves using sparse, short-term individual data with an application to Alzheimer's disease
Budgeon CA, Murray K, Turlach BA, et al. Statistics in Medicine 2017; online first: 25 April
Full text available for Austin & MHW Heidelberg staff via document delivery

The epileptology of Koolen-de Vries syndrome: Electro-clinico-radiologic findings in 31 patients
Myers KA, Mandelstam SA, Ramantani G, et al. Epilepsia 2017; online first: 25 April

See more at AHRO, Austin Health Research Online


Books spotlight

Psychological aspects associated with spinal cord injury rehabilitation : new directions and best evidence / edited by Ashley Craig and Yvonne Tran - Nova Medical Books, 2008.
Introduces and discusses the complex psychological aspects relating to spinal cord injury and its management and rehabilitation. Addresses the pertinent issues health professionals need to be aware of when they deal with people who have suffered a SCI.
Shelf location: 617.482 PSY 2008

The Intentional mentor in medicine : a toolkit for mentoring doctors / Dianne Salvador and Joel Wight - Salvador & Wight, 2016.
Equips doctors with the knowledge and tools to perform the role of mentor to junior medical colleagues in a constructive and productive manner.
Shelf location: 610.695 SAL 2016

Qualitative research in nursing and healthcare / Immy Holloway and Kathleen Galvin - 4th ed. Wiley Blackwell, 2017.
Reflects recent developments in nursing research and provides clear explanations of abstract ideas of qualitative research and practical procedures. Looks at the initial stages of research, methods of data collection, qualitative approaches and the analysis of collected data.
Shelf location: 610.73072 HOL 2017


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