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John F Kennedy


COPD in women

A new literature review on improving the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) reveals women are more likely to experience a delayed diagnosis, are less successful in quitting smoking, are overlooked in drug trials and more likely than men to be hospitalised and die if they develop COPD. This study shows there is little "evidence to help doctors tailor drug therapy for women with current guidelines being based on trials which have been dominated by men and which have not tested gender differences in drug response". Prof Christine Jenkins, The George Institute for Global Health, Australia.

Source: Chest 2016; online first: 2 November


Australia’s 1st integrated digital tertiary hospital

Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) with strong executive and clinical leadership has overcome some disruptive workflows and 30 year old legacy systems to emerge as Australia's first integrated digital tertiary hospital. This article covers clinician concerns and experiences through the changeover period, challenges and benefits of the EMR roll-out, and how PAH will use the streamlining of data collected to further improve quality and efficiency of their health care delivery.

Source: Medical Journal of Australia 2016; 205(9): 386-389


NICU nurses & EoL care

The purpose of this study was "to explore, through lived and told stories, the affective, interactional, and meaning-related responses that neonatal intensive care units (NICU) nurses have while caring for dying infants and their families". Coping strategies and changes in practice are also explored.

Source: Advances in Neonatal Care 2016; online first: 24 October


Acute & recurrent gout

Gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis caused by accumulation of excess urate crystals in joint fluid, cartilage, bones, tendons, bursas etc; management includes both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches. This study reviewed the evidence to provide recommendations on the clinical management of gout and to support the development of clinical practice guidelines.

Source: Annals of Internal Medicine 2016; online first: 1 November


Prescription opioid epidemic & paediatric hospitalisations

"Poisonings attributed to prescription drugs are now the leading cause of injury-related mortality in the United States; in 2014 alone opioids were blamed for 18,893 deaths". Over a course of 16 years the largest percentage increase in hospitalisations has occurred among the youngest children (toddlers and pre-schoolers). The authors provide evidence to support paediatric-specific recommendations for clinical practice guidelines for opioid prescribing.

Source: JAMA Pediatrics 2016; online first: 31 October 

Further reading:
Fatal acute poisonings in Australian children (2003-2013)
"In Australia between 2003 and 2013 there were on average 8 acute poisoning deaths in children each year, most commonly involving prescription opioids and adolescents. There was a downward trend in mortality since 2003. These cases generated more than twice as many recommendations for public safety compared with other Australian coroners' cases".
Source: Addiction 2016; online first: 21 October

Twenty-five years of prescription opioid use in Australia: a whole-of-population analysis using pharmaceutical claims
Source: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2016; 82: 255-267


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Did you know? – Junior doctors' resource

The Future Leaders Communiqué is an educational resource for recently graduated health professionals, written and edited by junior medical practitioners.


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Austin Health Research Online - recent submissions

Video fluoroscopy for positioning of pulmonary artery catheters in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
Weinberg L, Miles LF, Allaf M, et al. Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia 2015; 29(6): 1511-1516

Immediate adjuvant radiation therapy following radical prostatectomy should not be advised for men with extraprostatic extension who have negative surgical margins
Walsh PC, Lawrentschuk N. European Urology 2016; 69(2): 191-192

The direction of the relationship between symptoms of insomnia and psychiatric disorders in adolescents
Alvaro PK, Roberts RM, Harris JK, et al. Journal of Affective Disorders 2017; 207: 167-174

Incidence, predictors and outcomes of major bleeding in patients following percutaneous coronary interventions in Australia
Wlodarczyk J, Ajani AE, Kemp D, et al. Heart, Lung and Circulation 2016; 25(2): 107-117

Effects of testosterone treatment on body fat and lean mass in obese men on a hypocaloric diet: a randomised controlled trial
Ng Tang Fui M, Prendergast LA, Dupuis P, et al. BMC Cancer 2016; 14: 153

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eBooks spotlight

Comprehensive gynecology / edited by Roger A Lobo ... et al. - 7th ed. Elsevier, 2017.
Book offers practical in-depth coverage of gynaecological care, infertility issues and treatment addressing all key issues for everyday practice.

Emergency surgery of the hand / edited by Michel Merle and Gilles Dautel - Elsevier, 2016.
This well-known French textbook is for the first time available in the English language. It deals with surgery and rehabilitation, has numerous colour illustrations, and provides step by step descriptions to ensure best possible outcomes.

New books on display

Practical guide to diabetes mellitus / editors, Nihal Thomas ... et al. - 7th ed. Jaypee the Health Sciences Publisher, 2016.
This books deals with all aspects of diabetes and with new chapters on obesity, wound care, the elderly and epidemiology it is an ideal text for practitioners and students.

Skills for communicating with patients / Jonathan Silverman, Suzanne Kurtz and Juliet Dratz and Juliet Draper - 3rd ed. -- CRC Press, 2013.
Explores the specific skills of clinician-patient communication and provides wide ranging evidence of the improvements that those skills can make to health outcomes and everyday practice.


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