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Noncompliance following organ transplantation

A prospective randomized trial on the effect of using an electronic monitoring drug dispensing device was conducted to improve adherence and compliance.  Authors found "noncompliance is one of the most common causes of graft loss, and the cost of noncompliance after organ transplantation is estimated to be substantial." They investigated the benefit of using an electronic medication dispenser (EMD) for transplant recipients.  The number of missed doses varied significantly by weekday with patients most likely to miss doses on Saturdays and Thursdays.  An important finding in this study was that the risk of rejection was 3 times lower in the intervention group.

Source: Transplantation 2016; 100(1):203-9

Note, the Transplant Library is available through the library website and Hub.


Hospital readmission vs length of stay

Hospitals under pressure to reduce costs may look at ways to reduce length of stay (LoS), leading authors to explore any possible "knock-on adverse effect on quality". This paper analyses LoS, in-hospital mortality and 28-day readmission for three conditions (stroke, hip replacement and hernia repair) over a 7 year period.  Stroke patients with shorter LoS were more likely to be readmitted, and the probability was unchanged as LoS fell over time. For hip replacement and hernia repair, LoS was not associated with an increased probability of readmission. 

Source: Health Policy. 2015; 120(1): 89-99
(Due to a technical issue, this link directs you to the online journal  - once open, you will need to navigate to the required volume number and page to access the full text.)


Quality improvement in falls – acute hospital setting

The objective of this multi-site audit and best practice implementation project was to assess falls prevention practices in Australian hospitals, with a view to implement interventions to promote best practice.

Source: International Journal for Quality in Health Care. Dec 2015 - Online first.


Point-of-care summaries

The number of point-of-care summary tools has increased significantly in recent years with BMJ Best Practice, Dynamed, and UpToDate scoring the highest across all dimensions, while others that were marketed as evidence-based were less reliable. The authors encourage users to be "skeptical about point-of-care summaries that do not transparently describe how information is found (search strategy), selected (cumulative or discretionary approach), evaluated (critical appraisal), prioritized (grading of evidence and recommendations), and regularly updated (literature surveillance) to maintain their relevance to practice."

Source: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2016; 18(1): e15

Point-of-care tools can be found on the library website and Hub.


Austin Health Research Online - recent submissions

Long-term change in respiratory function following spinal cord injury. van Silfhout L, Peters AE, Berlowitz DJ, Schembri R, Thijssen D, Graco M. Spinal Cord. 2016 Jan. Online first

Magnetic resonance imaging for prostate cancer: Comparative studies including radical prostatectomy specimens and template transperineal biopsy. Toner L, Weerakoon M, Bolton DM, Ryan A, Katelaris N, Lawrentschuk N. Prostate International. 2015 Dec;3(4):107-114

FRAX597, a PAK1 inhibitor, synergistically reduces pancreatic cancer growth when combined with gemcitabine.  Yeo D, He H, Patel O, Lowy AM, Baldwin GS, Nikfarjam M. BMC Cancer. 2016 Jan 16;16(1):24

See more at AHRO, Austin Health Research Online


eBooks spotlight

Acute pain management : scientific evidence / Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and Faculty of Pain Medicine - 4th ed., 2015.
Published every five years, each edition aims to combine the best available evidence for acute pain management with current clinical and expert practice, and to summarise this evidence in a concise and easily readable form for practising clinicians. This edition incorporates evidence that has become available from August 2009 - August 2014.

Thompson & Thompson genetics in medicine / Robert L. Nussbaum, Roderick R. McInnes, Huntington F. Willard - 8th ed. - Elsevier Saunders, 2016.
This text integrates "the classic principles of human genetics with modern molecular genetics as well as utilising a variety of learning tools to help understand a wide range of genetic disorders."

New books on display

Acute and chronic wounds : current management concepts / Ruth A. Bryant, Denise P. Nix - 5th ed. - Elsevier, 2016.
This text provides the latest diagnostic and treatment guidelines to help provide quality care for patients with wounds.

Perioperative medicine for the junior clinician / edited by Joel Symons, Paul Myles, Rishi Mehra and Christine Ball - The Alfred & Wiley/Blackwell, 2015.
A guide to perioperative care, covering principles and practices of care; risk assessment; laboratory investigations; medication management; specific medical conditions and complications; postoperative care and pain management

Merenstein & Gardners's handbook of neonatal intensive care / Sandra L Gardner, Brian S Carter, Mary Hines and Jacinto Hernandez - 8th ed. - Elsevier, 2016.
This text offers concise, comprehensive coverage with a unique multidisciplinary approach and real-world perspective for both neonatal nurses and physicians.



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