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Perioperative medication errors

The impact of perioperative medication errors (PMEs) and adverse drug events (ADEs) can be catastrophic. In this evaluation of randomly selected surgical cases at a large tertiary academic institution, every second operation, or one in 25 medication administrations, involved a PME or ADE. This rate of PMEs and ADEs is much higher than existing self-reported rates. A substantial proportion of the errors observed led to patient harm. Further analysis and research is needed to fully understand the root causes of the errors in order to formulate targeted solutions that will reduce their incidence.

Source: Anesthesiology October 24 2015 (publish ahead of print)


Evidence for pain management - on trial now!

KSR Pain Evidence provides a user-friendly, time-efficient way to access best available evidence in pain management. It summarises systematic reviews and meta-analyses published on the topic of pain since 2010 and provides a short, accessible "bottom line". This includes key clinically relevant implications of the results reported in the article and information regarding the reliability of the results. The database also includes all randomised controlled trials on the topic of pain since 2010.

The Library has trial access to this resource until December 15th, 2015. Please email us with your feedback.

Source: KSR Pain Evidence


Breast cancer national report

Breast cancer in young women is the first national report presenting key data specific to breast cancer in women in their 20s and 30s. This report provides an overview of breast cancer, risk factors for young women, breast cancer detection and diagnosis methods, and key summary measures including incidence, hospitalisations, survival and mortality.

Source: AIHW 2015

breast cancer month

World Stroke Day

The World Stroke Campaign is focussing on the theme of women and stroke for World Stroke Day this week. The campaign states that compared to men, women are more at risk of having a stroke, more likely to die from a stroke and less likely to receive acute care and rehabilitation. In addition, women are more likely to experience a severe decline in cognitive function and run a higher risk of post-stroke depression and institutionalisation.

Source: World Stroke Organisation 2015

Further reading

The connection of migraine and stroke was first recognized 40 years ago in a study of stroke in young women. The study centered on the relationship of stroke and oral contraceptives, but uncovered an association of migraine with both ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke even in those not using the pill. Over the ensuing years, a growing number of epidemiologic, imaging, and genetic investigations  have supported this early observation of an independent migraine/stroke link. The findings from this study suggest that in stroke patients with a history of migraine, regardless of age, a wider net should be cast to uncover nonvascular causes.

Source: Neurology 2015 85(17):1436–1437

Improving adherence to secondary stroke prevention strategies through motivational interviewing: randomized controlled trial.
"Stroke recurrence rates are high (20%-25%) and have not declined over the past 3 decades. This study tested effectiveness of motivational interviewing (MI) for reducing stroke recurrence, measured by improving adherence to recommended medication and lifestyle changes compared with usual care."

Source: Stroke 2015 Oct 27 (Epub ahead of print)


Virtual environments for rehabilitation

"Virtual Environments (VEs) are computer-generated immersive, interactive simulations. These controlled settings can be designed to enable assessment and training of a wide variety of daily tasks, including those that are difficult to practice in the real-world for practical and safety reasons...Given the growing use and potential of VEs in rehabilitation, there is a need for specific guidelines to be established for the validity testing of these constructs."
This article provides an overview of three virtual environments which offer potential for use in stroke or traumatic brain injury rehabilitation programs.

Source: Journal of mobile technology in medicine 2015 4(3):26–31


What is AHRO? The winner is...

Congratulations Kathryn Salamone - winner of the Library's 2015 Research Week raffle. Our entry question was what does AHRO stand for?  AHRO is the new Austin Health Research Online respository established by the Library to contain the research generated by the Austin Health sites.

If you are engaged in research at Austin Health then don't miss out on the opportunity to deposit your abstracts in AHRO. Please contact the library if you have any questions.

Library winner

eBooks spotlight

Cardiac catheterization handbook / edited by Morton J. Kern, Paul Sorajja and Michael J. Lim - 6th ed. Elsevier, 2016.
"Ideal for cardiologists who need a quick clinical primer on cardiac catheterization, it offers easy access to information on the latest diagnostic and treatment advances necessary for optimal patient care."

Dulcan's textbook of child and adolescent psychiatry / edited by Mina K. Dulcan - 2nd ed. American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2016.
This eBook offers a fresh look at the field of child mental health. It is a core resource for child and adolescent psychiatry training and will also serve as a reference for practitioners in psychiatry, pediatrics, neurology, psychology, nursing, and social work.

National audit of inpatient falls : audit report 2015 / Royal College of Physicians, 2015.
The first-ever National Audit for Inpatient Falls, reviews how well hospital trusts and local health boards prevent inpatient falls in England and Wales, which are set against the NICE guideline (CG161) on falls assessment and prevention.

New books on display

Wound care essentials : principles and practice / edited by Sharon Baranoski, Elizabeth A. Ayello - 4th ed. Wolters Kluwer, 2016.

Jarvis's physical examination and health assessment : Australian and New Zealand edition / Carolyn Jarvis, Helen Forbes, Elizabeth Watt - 2nd ed. Elsevier, 2016.


Journals spotlight

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