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Therapeutic hypothermia in kidney transplantation

"Delayed graft function, which is reported in up to 50% of kidney-transplant recipients, is associated with increased costs and diminished long-term graft function." The authors tested the potential benefit and safety of targeted hypothermia in donors with respect to rates of delayed graft function among donor recipients. Their findings indicated that temperature control in organ donors after death had a statistically and clinically significant protective effect on renal-graft outcomes in recipients.

Source:NEJM July 30 2015: 373; 405-414


Transplant Library

The Transplant Library, produced by the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation, provides access to high quality evidence-based information on all aspects of solid organ transplantation. It includes all RCTs from the earliest record, including many congress abstracts and selected systematic reviews from 2008. RCTs published from 2004 have been given a methodological quality rating.

The Transplant Library link is located under "Decision Support/Point-of-Care Tools" on the Austin Library website.


Rapid response systems & patient deterioration

"Many ward patients may deteriorate to the point of unexpected ICU admission or even cardiac arrest and death. About one-half of the serious adverse events are deemed to be preventable!"
The authors of this systematic review and meta-analysis sought to examine the impact of rapid response systems, medical emergency teams etc and examine their impact on hospital mortality and cardiopulmonary arrest.

Source: Critical care 2015:19; 254


Better cardiac care measures for Indigenous Australians

Better cardiac care measures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is the first national report on this topic. It shows that: "the age-standardised death rate due to cardiac conditions for Indigenous people was 1.6 times that for non-Indigenous people; mortality from cardiac conditions for Indigenous Australians decreased by 41% between 1998 and 2012, while access to cardiac care has improved over time.

Source: AIHW Better cardiac care measures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: first national report (Aug 2015)

Further reading:

Cultural competency in the delivery of health services for Indigenous people
This issues paper examines the available evidence on cultural competence in international and local literature. It defines cultural competency (a key strategy for reducing inequalities in healthcare access and improving the quality and effectiveness of care); reports on available evidence; identifies approaches and strategies that are effective in improving cultural competency among health services staff, examines the relationship between cultural competency and health outcomes, and documents an evidence-informed conceptual framework.

Source: AIHW Cultural competency in the delivery of health services for Indigenous people (July 2015)


Stethoscope contamination

A recent review examined the role of stethoscopes in the development of healthcare-associated infection (HCAI). "The mean rate of stethoscope contamination across 28 studies was 85%." The authors conclude that while a direct link between stethoscope use and HCAI has not yet been established, the evidence of bacterial transfer between skin and stethoscope suggests that stethoscopes should be decontaminated between patients.

Source: Journal of hospital infection, September 2015; 91(1) 1-7

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Radiology case reports

This new open-access, peer-reviewed, online-only case report journal is published by the British Institute of Radiology. Articles cover all aspects of radiology, radiotherapy and the related sciences, including diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy, oncology, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, radiation physics and radiation protection.

Source: BJR case reports


Books spotlight

New books on display

Educating physicians : a call for reform of medical school and residency / Molly Cooke, David M. Irby and Bridget C. O'Brien - Jossey-Bass, 2010.

John Murtagh's general practice / John Murtagh, Jill Rosenblatt - 6th ed. - McGraw Hill Education, 2015.

eBook highlights

Transplantation of the liver / [edited by] Ronald W. Busuttil, Goran BG Klintmalm – 3rd ed. – Elsevier Saunders, 2015.
"Topics include many of the new problems that face the liver transplant community today, such as the use of death after cardiac donation (DCD) grafts; liver transplantation for the treatment of cholangiocarcinoma; ... and discussion of the current treatment of antibody-mediated rejection of liver grafts, which was not considered a major problem before."

Williams hematology / editors, Kenneth Kaushansky et al. – 9th ed. – McGraw Hill, 2015.
This new edition is “extensively revised to reflect the latest views of experts in the field. Two new chapters examine the importance of genomics in hematology and cell therapy for tissue replacement, whereas other chapters have been revised to incorporate the newest clinical approaches to the leukemias and lymphomas, and the application of targeted therapy in the treatment of hematologic disorders.”


Journals spotlight

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BJR case reports

BMJ case reports

BMJ supportive and palliative care

Breast journal

Clinical transplantation

International breastfeeding journal

JAMA internal medicine

Journal of heart and lung transplantation

Journal of pain and palliative care pharmacotherapy

Patient related outcome measures


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