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"If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn't."
Emerson M. Pugh


Missing link found between brain and immune system

Researchers suggest their discovery of functional lymphatic vessels within the central nervous system may call for a reassessment of basic assumptions in neuroimmunology. The findings shed new light on the aetiology of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases associated with immune system dysfunction.

Source: Nature June 2015: E-publish ahead of print.

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Understanding neurological mechanisms – new treatments

Results of a 5 year study links brain inflammation triggered by chronic pain, to anxiety and depression. This study also reveals why opioid drugs such as morphine can be ineffective against chronic pain.

Source: Journal of Neuroscience June 2015: 35(22) 8442-8450

Pain and touch sensory fibres in DRG. Credit: Simon Beggs. Wellcome Images

Australian opioid pharmacotherapy statistics – AIHW 2014

In a snapshot day in June 2014, over 48,000 Australians received pharmacotherapy treatment for their opioid drug dependence. The most common opiod drug of dependence was heroin, and both males and indigenous Australians were over-represented. This bulletin presents information on the clients receiving opioid pharmacotherapy treatment, the doctors prescribing opioid pharmacotherapy drugs, and the dosing points that clients attend to receive their medication.

Source: AIHW National opioid pharmacotherapy statistics 2014


Lung cancer: review on physical activity

Increasing physical activity in lung cancer patients has yet to show a mortality benefit. The reviewers note that "clinicians underutilize exercise and pulmonary rehabilitation as a therapy, in part because of the lack of evidence-based consensus as to how and when to implement increasing physical activity." This paper also highlights the importance of viewing quality of life as a treatment goal noting "many cancer patients view QoL as important as the duration of their survival".

Source: Journal of thoracic oncology June 2015: 10(6) 861-871


Acute stroke clinical care standard - ACSQHC

This resource provides guidance to clinicians and health service managers on delivering appropriate care to people with an acute stroke.

Source: ACSQHC (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care) Acute stroke clinical care standard, June 2015


Reducing surgical errors – 3 hinges to success

Studies show that causative factors for surgical error include human factors, interruptions, staffing issues and error-reporting trends. The author recommends a 3-hinge approach:

  1. The assignment of a change agent (i.e. an RN with a doctorate in nursing practice)
  2. Team cohesiveness
  3. Continuous quality monitoring 

Source:  AORN Journal 2015; 101(6) 657-65


Sleep and postpartum mental disorders: a systematic review

"Postpartum mental disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression, psychosis) are serious conditions that affect approximately 10-15% of women after childbirth, and up to 40% of women at risk for these disorders. Research reveals an association between poor sleep quality/quantity and symptoms of anxiety, depression and psychosis."

Source: Journal of affective disorders May 2015: 176; 65-77

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Clinical communiqué

This edition: Expert Commentary: How to make a better medical emergency team; Case #1 Familiarity is key; Case#2 In defence of protocols; The experience of witnesses called by the Coroners Court.

Source: Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine Clinical Communique editions.16 June 2015 2(2)


eBooks spotlight

Musculoskeletal imaging / edited by Thomas L. Pope and five others - 2nd ed, Elsevier Saunders, 2015.
Fully revised incorporating the latest diagnostic modalities and interventional techniques, as well as topics such as hip, groin and cartilage imaging; newly described impingements; and new concepts in the hip including teres ligament pathology.

Remington and Klein's infectious diseases of the fetus and newborn infant / edited by Christopher B. Wilson, Victor Nizet, Yvonne A. Maldonado - 8th ed, Elsevier Saunders, 2016. 
Regarded as the definitive source of information in the field, applying the latest evidence-based recommendation in the prevention, diagnosis and management of infections found in-utero, during delivery and in the neonatal period in both premature and term infants.


New books on display

Lecture notes. Respiratory medicine / Stephen J. Bourke and Graham P. Burns. Wiley Blackwell, 9th ed, 2015.  

National midwifery guidelines for consultation and referral / Australian College of Midwives. 3rd ed 2013.

Therapeutic guidelines, Respiratory / Respiratory Expert Group. 5th ed, Therapeutic Guidelines, 2015. 


Journals spotlight

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Journal of Medical Humanities

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Parkinsonism and Related Disorders

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