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Psychotherapies for adult depression

Psychotherapies are essential tools in the treatment of adult depression. Over 400 randomized trials have shown that these treatments are effective, and by focusing on key issues, such as chronic depression, relapse, and scaling them up, psychotherapies contribute more and more to the reduction of the disease burden of depression.

Source: Current Opinion in Psychiatry 2015; 28(1):24-9


State of cancer in America: 2015

This report released by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) provides a comprehensive look at demographic, economic, and oncology practice trends that will impact cancer care in the US over the coming years. In 2014 the US made significant progress with a record 14.5 million cancer survivors, 10 new drugs and an improvement in 5-year survival rate. It is intended to help cancer care providers, policy makers and others who shape the future of cancer care.

Source:  Journal of oncology practice: 17 March 2015 Online first

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Thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke: time for a rethink

Systematic reviews and guidelines conclude that thrombolysis with alteplase (t-PA) up to 4.5 hours after the onset of ischaemic stroke is beneficial even though several emergency medicine associations do not recommend alteplase post 0-3 hours after onset.  Authors believe that current guidance is based on uncertain evidence and that urgent reconsideration of the available data is essential to guide policy decisions.

Source: BMJ 17 March 2015: 350, h1075


Midwifery-led models of care

Debates about the National Midwifery Guidelines for Consultation and Referral currently in use in Australia have been long running and returned to the spotlight this month. The 2013 guidelines help midwives decide when a woman should be referred to an obstetrician for assessment or ongoing care. Authors discuss key evidence and what in their expert opinions this means for policy makers.

Source: Are midwifery-led models of care safe for mothers and babies? / MJ McIntyre & A-M Boxall. Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, 2013


Get onboard @ The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a global research, consulting and technology firm helping hospital and health system leaders improve the quality and efficiency of patient care through providing strategic guidance, actionable insights and comprehensive implementation and management services.

If you are involved in strategic planning, policy writing, technology projects, implementing improved quality and safety initiatives then you will find The Advisory Board an important source of evidence, insights and ideas.

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eBook spotlight

Colorectal surgery / H. Randolph Bailey. Saunders Elsevier, 2013.
Written for the general surgeon who is called upon to manage diseases and disorders of the large bowel, rectum, and anus, this reference provides advanced, expert guidance on how to avoid complications and achieve the most successful results.

The American Psychiatric publishing textbook of geriatric psychiatry / edited by D.C. Steffens, D.G. Blazer,  M.E. Thakur.  5th ed.  American Psychiatric Publishing, 2015.
Recognized as the standard in its field, this APP textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry has been revised and updated while continuing the tradition of providing both scholar and clinician with the practical skills and knowledge required for understanding mental disorders in later life.


Print books

Crisis management in anesthesiology / David M. Gaba  .... [et al] 2nd ed. Elsevier Saunders, 2015.

Songwriting : methods, techniques and clinical applications for music therapy clinicians, educators and students / edited by edited by Felicity Baker, and Tony Wigram. Jessica Kingsley, 2005


Journals spotlight

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