Austin's Turkish interpreter assists during a clinic appointment


Do you need an interpreter?

Austin Health can provide a professional interpreter during your hospital stay or for your Specialist Clinics appointment. Please ask your doctor or nurse to arrange this for you, or ask for an interpreter when you make your next appointment.

For any further information, please call the booking office on 03 9496 3367 or 03 9496 3369.

Interpreter availability

  • The most commonly requested interpreter services are in the following languages: Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Macedonian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Serbian and Croation.
  • In-house interpreters provide service in each of these languages during weekday working hours.
  • In 2010-11 Language Services provided 11,904 interpreters in 62 different languages, including Auslan (sign), and translation of patient materials in 20 different languages.   
  • About a third of all language requests were supplied by agency interpreters. The Austin uses agency staff for the less common languages, on busy days and when in-house staff are on leave.



Professional standards

  • Austin Health does not encourage the use of family, friends or bi-lingual staff to act as interpreters in any medical conversation. Family and friends have an important role to play in supporting the patient. Interpreting is best left to highly trained and accredited interpreters who are covered by insurance and are legally responsible for the interpreting that they do.
  • Please note that while every effort is made to provide an interpreter, there will be times when there are no interpreters available. In this instance it should be possible to use Phone Interpreting, and only then family as a last resort.