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Antibiotic Allergy Services

Antibiotic Allergy Services


Dr Jason Trubiano



Phone: (03) 9496 6676

Fax: (03) 9496 6677

Email: antibiotic.allergy@austin.org.au


Antibiotic Allergy Services at Austin Health comprises a multidisciplinary team addressing patient-reported antibiotic allergies. This service incorporates the Infectious Diseases Antibiotic allergy Clinic (IDAC), perioperative antibiotic allergy clinic (POAC), inpatient antibiotic allergy testing, oral challenge program and telehealth. This is a novel service that provides comprehensive clinical assessment, skin testing and oral challenge to patients with a history of antibiotic allergy or severe adverse drug reaction. Whilst 10-20% of the population are “labelled” as allergic, only 1-2% are positive on formal testing.

The primary aim of the service is to ensure patients that require antibiotics are correctly “labelled” as antibiotic allergic, to enable the safe and appropriate administration of antibiotics. This is paramount especially in those that require ongoing or frequent antibiotic therapy that is being hampered by a current antibiotic allergy.

The Antibiotic Allergy Service works in collaboration with the Centre for Antibiotic Allergy and Research (CAAR). CAAR is based at Austin Health and collaborates with a number of centres locally and internationally to better understand the reasons why patients have such severe reactions and to develop better antibiotic allergy diagnostics. CAAR is focused on developing clinical programs that aid the removal (‘de-labelling’) of antibiotic allergies to improve antibiotic prescribing. The special interest of the Antibiotic Allergy Service and CAAR is patients with antibiotic associated severe cutaneous adverse reactions (e.g. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome [SJS], Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis [TEN], drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms [DRESS]), for which we offer novel testing.

The clinical assessment is undertaken over successive visits on referral from a medical specialist or general practitioner. Referrals are welcomed from other health services, in particular patients with frequent antibiotic needs hindered by an antibiotic allergy “label”. The clinic is run by Dr Jason Trubiano in collaboration with the concurrent General Allergy Clinic. Referrals can be either faxed to (03) 94966677 or emailed to antibiotic.allergy@austin.org.au.