Our health is so precious

Walter's story

"I had no idea my body was shutting down. I was placed in a coma, then woke up six days later in ICU." - Walter Agi
Walter was sedated as he battled life-threatening sepsis

54-year-old Walter Agi was bought into the Emergency Department by his partner Anya after she became increasingly concerned about his physical condition. 

"One day I felt ill - I just thought it was an upset stomach. But by the next day, I needed to be admitted to hospital," says Walter. 

That upset stomach was in fact an infection that was progressively getting worse with each passing moment.

"Apparently I was starting to slow down in my movements. I was not in any pain or discomfort, but I just wanted to sleep. I felt so tired."  Walter hadn't realised but his entire body was shutting down and his organs were failing.

Walter was diagnosed with sepsis

Over 2,500 people are admitted every year into Austin Health Intensive Care Unit

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by the body's response to an infection. Sepsis needs to be treated immediately.

When Walter was admitted, we were researching the effects of a trial drug on patients with sepsis. The trial drug was administered which helped fight the effect of the infection on Walter's blood, helping his body to heal. Although Walter was completely unaware, he had been in intensive care for six whole days.

The most precious thing we have is our health

Prof Rinaldo Bellomo, Director, Intensive Care Unit

"That is why I hope you will support our research work so that critically ill patients just like Walter have the best chance to get their health back." - Professor Rinaldo Bellomo

It takes just one person to make a difference to a patient in intensive care. One person that can help fund our ground-breaking research into sedation, oxygen levels in the brain, and spesis, to help treat our most critically ill patients.

"They told my partner Anya to come in at 3am as I was not expected to make it to morning..."

Walter and his partner Anya, both so grateful for the care he received in ICU

 "I underestimated what had happened to me. I didn't realise how weak I had become until I tried to get out of bed. But I was alive. And soon I was heading home."

"Because of the exceptional and amazing care I received, because of the work of Professor Bellomo and his team, I have been given a chance to be a part of my children’s future." - Walter Agi



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