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Leanne's story

"I just felt so ill all the time and so yellow it was unbelievable. My eyes were a mustard colour" - Leanne, liver transplant patient
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Leanne had been busy with work, raising three children with her husband and enjoying life with her family and friends. One day her sister noticed her eyes were yellow. Six weeks later they were still yellow, spurring Leanne to go and see her doctor.

Leanne was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that slowly destroyed her healthy liver tissue. It was irreversible. Leanne had no choice but to be placed on Austin Health's Liver Transplant waiting list.

A liver transplant is a team effort, where every single team member is an expert in their field, coming together, to make a life-saving difference for people like Leanne.

"There were so many doctors, so many nurses, everyone was there. They were always talking to me, making sure I was calm... One of the nurses was there just holding my hand. You think you're not nervous but you are."

Leanne needed to recover in hospital for several weeks, but has recently returned home.

"I feel 100% trust in all the people around me because they know what they're talking about and they make decisions without faltering."

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How you've helped George...

"I could only live another few weeks if I didn't get the transplant. they saved my life. I was crying almost every day, thinking about what they did..."

George was overwhelmed by the care he received when he became extremely sick and needed an urgent liver transplant. So overwhelmed in fact, he gave back and became a hero himself.

George's story...