Nurse and baby in the Paediatrics ward

You have given hope to people with spinal injuries

You helped us raise over $23,000!
You are helping people with spinal cord injuries be more easily assessed for nerve transfer surgery

We recently asked for your help to purchase new equipment for teleconferences so we can offer life-changing nerve transfer surgery to people with spinal injury in remote and regional areas.

You have helped us raise nearly $24,000 which will be used to purchase a large 42-inch LCD monitor, camera and audio. This new equipment will vastly improve the amount of information we can learn from these remote and regional patients without them having to travel to Melbourne.

Surgeon Natasha van Zyl is very grateful for your help
"The benefits of this surgery are life-changing, and occasionally even life-saving. Your gift will help transform lives and families. Your generosity will give people with quadriplegia the chance to be able to hug their loved ones again. Thank you."

- Natasha van Zyl, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Thank you for being a hero for people with spinal injuries.