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"Losing that connection with my kids has hurt the most..."

It can happen to anyone and it happens in seconds. Spinal cord injury.
"I can't be left alone with the kids." Rob, 35 with son Bowie

Life changed forever for Rob, his wife Katie and their two young sons Bowie (3) and Rafe (1) when Rob had a devastating surfing accident.

In an instant, Rob had lost the use of his limbs.

"I'm very little help to Katie. I can't change nappies, feed or bath the boys. I get carers every morning to give me a hand. I need special devices to help me eat. I can't pick up my kids or play with them. Emotionally this has been the hardest thing for me to deal with."

You can support us in reaching people, like Rob, with quadriplegia, to offer them hope through life-changing surgery, helping them to regain use of their hands. Please donate today. 

Spinal cord injury complicates life in a way most of us would find hard to imagine. Everyday tasks we take for granted - like feeding yourself, brushing your teeth, even hugging and playing with your children, are impossible tasks if you can't move your hands.

Loss of independence can be demoralising leading to isolation, depression and even suicide.

But there is hope.

Your support can make a life-changing difference to people like Rob

Nerve and tendon transfer surgery gives people with quadriplegia the chance to regain movement in their hands.

For Rob and Katie, struggling with the hardship of life after his accident, the possibility of nerve and tendon transfer surgery to help Rob regain some movement in his hands gave them a glimmer of hope.

Since 2012, fifty people have been given this amazing chance. 

There are hundreds of other Australians with quadriplegia living in rural communities or other states who we need your help to treat. Many of these people are not yet learning about or receiving this life-changing treatment. The logistics of travelling to Melbourne to learn about nerve and tendon transfer surgery and undertake suitability assessment is extremely difficult for them.


With your help, we can offer life-changing surgery to people in remote and regional areas.

With better Telehealth equipment we can reach remote patients with quadriplegia

We are currently using outdated computer equipment to hold teleconferences with rural patients and carers. We sometimes have up to five staff crowding around a little laptop screen trying to assess a patient's movement and suitability for surgery.

Your gift will help us raise $12,000 to purchase new equipment for teleconferences, including a 42-inch LCD monitor, camera and audio.

This will vastly improve the amount of information we can learn from these remote and regional patients without the need for them to travel to Melbourne. The only trip they need to make is for the surgery itself.

Rob had his life-changing surgery in November 2016 and is undergoing intensive rehabilitation and physical therapy while he waits for the nerve transfers to start working - this usually takes about six months.

Your generosity will give people with quadriplegia, like Rob, the chance to be able to hug their loved ones again. Thank you.
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