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Felix's story

"It was heartbreaking to see Felix so distressed. No parent wants to experience that."

"One of the hardest parts of hospital was witnessing how stressed and frightened Felix was during multiple tests and procedures. 

Jenny Spiller, Nurse Unit Manager of the Paediatric ward, has a solution to make every child's time in hospital less traumatic and more joyful.

Here's our story and how YOU can be part of the solution." - Kate and Edwin, Felix's parents

Yes! I want to help bring joy to children in hospital.

Loving his brand new sandpit which he and his dad Edwin had built together, only a few hours later Felix was rushed to Emergency after having multiple seizures.

The first 10 days were a blur of tests and consultations. Felix was incredibly unwell and frightened. Edwin and Kate were so worried about an uncertain future.

Felix needed many tests and scans to help doctors see what was happening in his brain.  One of these scans was an MRI scan - a loud, claustrophobic and terribily frightening experience for a child.


This is where Felix had his MRI scan. Despite the amazing radiologists and nurses, Felix was scared and distressed. So were Kate and Edwin. They felt that they were not able to protect their little child from fear.

Felix was finally diagnosed with myclonic-atonic epilepsy - a rare and serious form of epilepsy. Professor Ingrid Scheffer, a world-renowned expert in paediatric epilepsy, was Felix's doctor.

Here's how you can help little children like Felix...

Here's the special TV screen we need your help to purchase! This means children can watch a cartoon and hear their favourite characters during their MRI scan. This makes it much less scary, and critically, it means some children won't need a general anaesthetic.

Edwin and I would've loved Felix to have this!

We need your help to purchase the MRI Entertainment System.

"Thanks to the care, compassion and expert knowledge at our own local hospital, Austin Health, Felix is mostly back to being a normal little boy.

He still lives with epilepsy which is mostly controlled through diet and medication.

The hidden effect of Felix's hospital stay is unfortunately his fear of separation from us, due in part to the distress of some tests he had to undergo, including the MRI scan.

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