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TAVI - a life-saving procedure

Not long ago a heart attack meant open heart surgery and a lengthy recovery. Some may not have survived their heart attack.
The new valve in place after the TAVI procedure

Today, however, many cardiac patients are receiving life-saving, minimally invasive procedures, leading to faster and better recovery - thanks to the dedicated Cardiology team, ground-breaking research, new technology and world-class medical care.

One such life-saving, less invasive procedure is Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation, or as it's commonly known, TAVI.

Patients diagnosed with an aortic valve blockage may undergo open heart valve surgery. However if they are too ill, elderly or have a number of other medical problems, open heart surgery may be considered too risky.

The TAVI procedure replaces the aortic valve using a far less invasive procedure than open heart surgery. The replacement valve is implanted using a long narrow tube, called a catheter, which is inserted into a large blood vessel in the patient's groin.

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Carolyn Naismith is passionate about providing exceptional cardiac care

Right now, we do not have the software, in the Cardiology Department, that is critical in helping to accurately plan TAVI procedures.

"When a patient presents with aortic valve blockage that can be treated with TAVI, we take both CT and ultrasound scans of their heart to see what’s going on and what their problem is. The 3mensio software, as it is known, helps us to analyse the TAVI patient’s heart before their procedure takes place.

We put the CT scan images into the software program. The software program actually rotates the images so we can see different angles of the patient’s heart. Our current software cannot do this. As there are different valve sizes, the new software would help us to precisely identify the right aortic valve size for the patient, resulting in the best outcomes possible for them.” - Carolyn Naismith, Nurse Unit Manager, Cardiac Catheter Laboratory

The 3mensio medical imaging software lessens the chance of error in using the wrong size valve in a patient.

The total cost of this software is $30,000, but your support can help the Cardiology team have this software in place ready to treat more TAVI patients in the new financial year.

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Together we can ensure all cardiac patients are given the best outcomes.
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